Exterior renovations

  • Roofing: we have the expertise to install any type of roofing material, providing either a modern or more traditional appearance. We design and install roofing for extensions, garages, canopies, and roof terraces. Get a free estimate on all roof repairs and replacement, which can include slate and tile replacement, gutter and fascia repairs, chimney work and moss removal.
  • Exterior Stone Replacement and Renovation:stone cladding is a great choice for modern home design and unrivalled beauty. Stone cladding is available in several types of stones, such as: granite, sandstone, limestone, slate, marble, quartz, others.
  • Painting: Our painting services include interior painting, exterior painting, floor coatings, anti-mold coatings, wallpapering, wall lining, tiling and glazing. Any of these services can truly enhance the beauty of your home.

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